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360 video production is a choose-your-own perspective experience. It involves filming all your surroundings with a 360 video camera. This means you, your crew, your equipment, and everything else that’s in frame has the capability of being captured on camera. There are many steps that are involved when creating a 360 video production as well as critical post-production steps that marry the various videos into one seamless end product. This makes for a unique and modern type of storytelling. Unlike traditional forms of media, your viewers have total control over what they choose to see.
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Concept & Creative

At the start of every 360 project, we listen, learn, and get to know your brand to decide how to tell your story in the most impactful way. From the overall creative vision to the specifics of the deployment strategy, we think through every detail to ensure the project’s success.


When it comes to 360 video production, the devil’s in the details. So we scout locations, create storyboards, write scripts, hire talent, and make sure everything is buttoned up and ready to go to ensure the best shoot possible.


On set, we use the latest systems and techniques to shoot real time 360 footage and record totally immersive spatial audio. If the right tools for the job don’t exist, we purpose build our own custom gear to get the job done.


We like to set our bars high, and then completely surpass them. So in post, we sweat every pixel, every stitch line, and every single cell of our storyboards – never calling a project complete until it exceeds expectations from beginning to end.


No matter how you want to share the experience, we make it happen. From YouTube and Vimeo links for the broadest reach, to totally immersive experiences built specifically for headsets like Oculus Rift, we can deploy your content any way you like.

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