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AR Gallery Lets Collectors Sample & Purchase Art From Home During Pandemic

AR Gallery Lets Collectors Sample & Purchase Art From Home During Pandemic

Artists can self-publish their creations online for potential buyers to view in WebAR.

The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has severely impacted numerous industries across the globe, including the art sector. Government-mandated lockdowns and strict social distancing protocols have resulted in the mass closure of museums and curated art galleries, making it difficult for many creators to get their artwork in front of potential buyers.

This is where All Show comes in. Brought to us by New York-based designer Sebastian Errazuriz, All Show is an online art exhibit where independent artists and designers can self-publish their artwork for potential buyers to view while under lockdown. Unlike existing online galleries, All Show features support for webAR, allowing collectors to access 3D models of each piece of art and place them throughout their real-world environments; no additional apps or downloads required.

To get started, simply visit AllShow.io on any up-to-date iOS or Android device, select the piece of art you’d like to sample, and tap the “See in AR” option located near the bottom right of the preview image to view the piece in AR.

According to the Chilean-born artist, AR technology is already beginning to play a major role within the contemporary art world, not just in how artwork is viewed, but how it is created as well.

“There are extreme inefficiencies plaguing the art industry that AR can alleviate,” said Errazuriz. “Collectors are hurting financially but will always be open to art investment opportunities, especially if these could help the very artists that inspire them.”

“The pandemic will usher the next wave of creative expression.”

As pointed out by architecture and design magazine Dezeen, the artist expanded upon his views regarding AR technology and its relationship to modern art via his personal Instagram.

“Augmented reality will disrupt the art and design world in the same way digital platforms disrupted the entire music industry or the news media industry or the film industry,” said Errazuriz in the video.

With all nonessential businesses expected to remain under lockdown for at least another month, All Show could be just what independent artists need to remain afloat until museums and galleries once again open their doors to the public.

Then again, why even go back to the conventional brick-and-mortar gallery format? If there’s one thing we’ve learned while under lockdown these past few weeks it’s that many of the things we were told are impossible to complete from home are in fact very doable. Modern AR and VR technology have proven effective replacements for many in-person activities and events; perhaps now is the perfect time for these industries to readdress their current situations and begin to see how they can be improved through the use of immersive technology.

Image Credit: Sebastian Errazuriz