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VR sharks doo doo doo doo doo doo!

The viral children’s song “Baby Shark,” ranked on the Billboard Hot 100 list for 20 straight weeks, the first Korean non-pop song to do so. Collectively the Pinkfong YouTube channels have garnered over 27 billion views and more than 53 million followers, becoming one of the hottest child-friendly entertainment platforms in the world.

Since 2015, Smart Study’s Pinkfong has continued to expand its brand through toys, games, books, and various other innovative collaborations. With many families actively looking for more fun ways to stay entertained while under lockdown, Pinkfong thought what better time to launch Baby Shark VR Dancing and Baby Shark Handwash Challenge, two new interactive VR & AR experiences perfect for keeping younger ones entertained in their favorite musical content while teaching them the importance of proper hygiene?

Baby Shark VR Dancing 

Swim with the Baby Shark family! The Baby Shark VR Dancing game, created by VAR Live International Limited, gets families swimming, dancing, and singing along with the Baby Shark family in a wonderfully-charming inside their magical underwater world.

Players are equipped with a powerful bubble blaster and sent on a mission to save the Baby Shark family from the clutches of a naughty octopus. Grab your blaster, take aim, and keep blasting until the Baby Shark family is “safe at last” doo Doo doo doo doo!

Baby Shark VR Dancing was expected to arrive on SteamVR compatible headsets today, though at the time of this writing the experience remains unavailable for purchase. According to the developer, support for other platforms and additional content are currently in the works.

Baby Shark AR Handwash Challenge 

In an effort to help educate kids and families on the importance of proper handwashing, Pinkfong added a hygienic twist to one of its most popular songs, releasing “Wash Your Hands with Baby Shark,” and launching the #BabySharkHandWashChallenge campaign.

As part of the campaign, Meitu teamed up with Pinkfong to create a Baby Shark themed hand-washing filter designed to promote good hygiene and positive habits. The filter has been released on BeautyPlus, Meitu’s flagship photo editing app, which features auto beautification, AR camera filters, and a suite of photo editing tools; available now on the App Store and Google Play.

Meitu and Pinkfong released a total of 11 Pinkfong and Baby Shark themed filters last year, which generated more than 6.5 Million downloads.

With these VR and AR experiences, the Pinkfong Baby Shark brand continues to educate, engage, and inspire kids and families through song and dance.

Image Credit: Pinkfong Meitu