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Celebrate The 50th Anniversary Of Earth Day With EarthXR

Learn how XR technology is changing the world of environmental conservation.

The annual EarthXR event is scheduled to kick-off this week, offering remote event-goers a series of virtual discussions between XR and environmental leaders as well as an online showcase of XR experiences designed to transport viewers to untouched habitats and distant vistas.

Starting tomorrow through April 25th, audiences can immerse themselves in a collection of captivating 360-degree films and virtual panels that shine a much-needed spotlight on numerous conservative efforts. This includes indigenous communities working to protect the world’s biodiversity, scientists creating resilient future cities, researchers exploring how AI technology can be used to protect the rainforest, and NASA astronauts monitoring global climate changes from space, and many other impactful endeavors.

From untouched wildlife and the plights of pollution to the effects of over-consumption and the destruction of the natural world, the ability of XR technology to bring the beauty and carnage of nature to our doorsteps could reignite a sense of urgency to act in the face of another powerful and threatening pandemic – climate change.

With a range of experts from Google, YouTube, HTC Vive, VR for Impact, Habitat XR, Gorillapallooza VR, Predicament of Pangolins, the International Anti-Poaching Foundation, Akashinga, and other influential organizations scheduled to speak over the next few days, I look forward to hearing their thoughts on XR’s future role in protecting our world.

Several noteworthy discussions include “EarthXR: Wild Immersion endorsed by Jane Goodall,” “EarthXR: Ghost Fleet + The Outlaw Ocean,”, and “EarthXR: Virtual Diving with Google Earth’s Filmmakers Underwater Earth”.

Complete programming and information on free registration for EarthxFilm and EarthXR is available online at www.earthxfilm.org.

Image Credit: EarthxFilm