A STITCH immersive workshop is a cost-effective hands-on learning experience, led by our creatives and technology experts, where companies can learn how to leverage immersive technology like AR, VR, computer vision, machine learning, and 360 video to meet organizational goals.

STITCH workshops are composed of four steps:


Prior to our meeting, immersive experts from STITCH will dig into your business and industry, taking time to familiarize ourselves with the finer nuances of your vertical.

Business analysis

Then, we’ll facilitate group discussions, and conduct stakeholder interviews to learn about your organization’s specific goals and challenges.

Tech petting zoo

You and your team can enjoy hands-on time with emerging tech like the Oculus Quest, Magic Leap, Hololens, and much more, to see what’s possible.


Together, through a series of guided exercises, we’ll ideate, prioritize goals, and begin formulating an immersive strategy to help you reach your objectives.

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