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Virtual Reality in Education

STITCH believes education can be highly engaging to students of all ages and backgrounds through immersive Virtual Reality experiences. Imagine the possibility of bringing your curriculum to life by allowing students to travel inside the human body or walk the halls of The Taj Mahal. For next level learners, VR also has its perks and brings the opportunity to provide the closest level of real-life on the field training to vocational and university level students.

Hyper Realistic VR Simulations

VR Simulation is the ideal tool used to train and test individuals for dangerous or high-stake situations. It provides an effective learning environment by training users in the most realistic manner possible, without the situation actually happening in real life. VR Simulation can be used by professionals in numerous fields such as military and police to corporate speaking and customer service representatives.

Business Analytics & Intelligence

We not only build the VR experiences that drive business, we provide you with the tools and data to analyze the results for yourself. From custom reports sent on a regular basis to entire dashboards you can explore anytime, we can get you the data however you like so you can dig into the details any way you want.

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